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Steak, Seafood, Chicken, Pizza

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Cinola Bar & Grill
N. 14712 Newport Hwy.
Mead, WA 99021
(509) 467-0502

Steaks - Seafood - Chicken

Dinners are served after 4:30 pm. Served with home made soup or salad, vegetables, & choice of potato.
The Pounder* ($17.99)
One pound of ground beef covered with grilled onions & mushrooms & topped with brown gravy.
Liver, Onions & Bacon* ($15.99)
Grilled to order & smothered with onions and topped with grilled bacon.
Chicken Fried Steak ($18.99)
We bread our own cube steak & grill it & top it with our country gravy.
10 oz. Charbroiled Top Sirloin Steak* ($24.99)
Hand Cut.
Add breaded Butterfly Shrimp ($7.99)
Fried Chicken Dinner ($17.99)
Everyone's favorite: a breast, thigh, and drumstick deep fried to a crispy perfection.
Butterfly Shrimp Platter ($19.99)
Breaded & lightly deep fried & served with our homemade tartar sauce & cocktail sauce.
Teriyaki Chicken ($17.99)
Boneless chicken breasts, marinated & charbroiled & topped with pineapple, green peppers, and our teriyaki sauce.
Prime Rib - Petite cut ($22.99)
Petite, regular or Cinola cut. 8oz
Friday Night from 4:30 pm until it's gone.
Prime Rib - Regular cut ($29.99)
Petite, regular or Cinola cut. 12 oz
Friday Night from 4:30 pm until it's gone.
Prime Rib - Cinola cut ($39.99)
Petite, regular or Cinola cut.v 16 oz
Friday Night from 4:30 pm until it's gone.


12" Hand-Stretched Pizza Dough (Please allow 20 minutes cooking time on pizzas)
Cheese Pizza ($12.99)
Zesty sauce and blended cheese.
Single Topping Pizza ($15.99)
Topping choices: black olives, pepperoni, shrimp, mushrooms, taco meat, fresh tomatoes, green peppers, Italian sausage, pineapple, onions, salami, & Canadian-style bacon.
Double Lode ($17.99)
Cheese plus any two ingredients.
Triple Lode ($19.99)
Cheese plus any three ingredients.
Hawaiian ($20.99)
Canadian style bacon, pineapple, mushrooms, and shrimp.
Grand Slam ($22.99)
Sausage, salami, pepperoni, black olives, onions, and mushrooms.
Colbert Special ($19.99)
Italian sausage, salami, pepperoni, and black olives.
Taco Pizza ($21.99)
Taco chips, taco meat, sour cream, crisp lettuce, black olives, fresh tomatoes, and salsa on the side.
Vegetarian ($19.99)
Mushrooms, olives, black olives, green peppers, and fresh tomatoes.
Extra Ingredients ($2.75)
Pizza to go add $.50. 1/2 and 1/2 pizza charged at the higher price.

Cocktails and Wine by the g;ass or bottle available.

Desserts vary daily. Please ask your server.

* Consuming Raw or undercooked Eggs & Meat may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Prices are subject to change without notice.